Performing Notes

Whether purchased or originated, performing notes offer:

  • Consistent cash flow.
  • Security in the underlying asset
  • Transferability/salability
  • Can be leveraged (cross collateralized)
  • No tenants to manage
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Non-performing Notes

  • Borrower defaulted on payments for various reasons
  • Non-performing notes are sold at a significant discount, allowing great returns
  • Our team and affiliates transform these non-performing notes in to performing notes through a workout process developed over years of working with financially stressed borrowers
  • Once performing these notes act just like the performing notes but with more equity protection
  • Non-performing notes, once worked out and performing have multiple exit strategies
  • Being secured by real estate makes them attractive for investors looking for maximum returns and flexibility.
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  • The property is insured.
  • With  protective equity, meaning the property can decline in value with out losing  any invested  capital
  • If the worst case happens and the borrower defaults, you have remedies to take the property back and sell it or finance another buyer.
  • Over time the principle balance is paid down further reducing risk.
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Since 1993

Opportunity Is Knocking

We working diligently to create a diversified portfolio of high yielding risk managed asset based loans (“Assets” or “Company Assets”) by collateralizing and securing each loan with a correlated asset.

The Company expects to spread its risk geographically, by asset type, by property type, by duration of debt term, by exit strategy of each Company Asset, and by investment size.

The Company will invest in a multitude of relatively small assets of varying types in order to 1) preserve and protect Investor capital, 2) provide a reliable income stream to Investors (both Note Holders and Members), and 3) diversify the overall risk to the Company and its Investors.


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